Egzamin gimnazjalny 2015 - ANGIELSKI poziom podstawowy i...

    Egzamin gimnazjalny 2015 - ANGIELSKI poziom podstawowy i rozszerzony (ODPOWIEDZI)

    Kurier Lubelski


    Kurier Lubelski

    Egzamin gimnazjalny 2015 - ANGIELSKI poziom podstawowy i rozszerzony (ODPOWIEDZI)

    ©Małgorzata Genca

    W czwartek gimnazjaliści przystąpili do egzaminu gimnazjalnego z języka angielskiego. Do wyboru był poziom podstawowy i rozszerzony. Zobaczcie przykładowe odpowiedzi do testów gimnazjalnych.
    Egzamin gimnazjalny 2015 - ANGIELSKI poziom podstawowy i rozszerzony (ODPOWIEDZI)

    ©Małgorzata Genca

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    Egzamin gimnazjalny 2015. Angielski, poziom podstawowy - ODPOWIEDZI
    Tekst 1.
    Girl: I don’t know what to wear to Tina’s party. What do you think of this dress?
    Boy: A dress? But it’s a barbecue!
    Girl: You’re right. I won’t feel comfortable in a dress.
    Boy: Why don’t you wear this T-shirt and jeans?
    Girl: I’m afraid the T-shirt needs washing. But look at this blouse. I think it goes well with the jeans.
    Boy: Good idea!
    Girl: That’s decided then.
    Tekst 2.
    Girl: What are you doing this weekend?
    Boy: I have to go to my uncle’s farm with my dad. It’s boring, just animals and a forest.
    Girl: Sheep and horses instead of console games? A good change for you!
    Boy: I’m afraid there are no horses there.
    Girl: That’s a pity. My grandfather keeps a few on his farm and I love them.
    Boy: You’re lucky. My uncle only has pigs and sheep.
    Tekst 3.
    Boy: Peter, it’s me. I’ve got the tickets for this new thriller. The film starts at half past six, so let’s meet in front of the shopping centre at a quarter to six. We’ll have time to look at some games. Don’t be late. Bye!
    Tekst 4.
    Girl: Mark, we’ve been here for nearly an hour!
    Boy: I know but I really need a new racket and a pair of tennis shoes. You know I’m taking part in a school championship.
    Girl: I’m tired, I’ll wait for you in the café.
    Boy: Fine. I think I’ll take this racket but I still need some new shoes. I’ll join you in a few minutes. Then we can go to the tennis court. I’ll give my new racket a try.
    Tekst 5.
    Girl: David, who is coming on Saturday?
    Boy: Well, there’s a problem. I asked my classmates to come but most of them will be away on holiday.
    Girl: And your friends from the football club? Can they celebrate with us?
    Boy: No, they are playing a match then.
    Girl: Don’t worry. It’ll be a small event. John and I are coming. I’m sure we’ll have fun.

    Zadanie 1.
    Usłyszysz dwukrotnie pięć tekstów. Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu w zadaniach 1.1.–1.5. z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą. Zakreśl literę A, B albo C.

    1.5. The boy and girl are talking about
    A. people invited to a party.
    B. organising a sports event.
    C. their summer holiday plans.

    1. A
    2. B
    3. A
    4. C
    5. A

    Boy: Hello Alice! So you are back from your holidays! Did you have a good time?
    Girl: Yes, it was fantastic! We went to the seaside. But my brother Matt wasn’t so happy at first.
    Boy: Why not?
    Girl: My parents didn’t let him take his laptop so he couldn’t surf the Internet.
    Boy: Poor Matt. So what did he do?
    Girl: He swam a lot and he even learned to windsurf. He’s quite good at it now.
    Boy: What about you, Alice?
    Girl: I wanted to test my new camera. Actually, I spent most of my time on the beach photographing ships and surfers. If you want, you can see the photos on the Internet.
    Boy: I will. And Philip? Did he sunbathe a lot?
    Girl: Oh, no! He hates that! Instead, he saw all the famous monuments in the area. He visited the places with my mum.
    Boy: And how about Patricia? I saw her in the picture she sent me yesterday. She looks so brown!
    Girl: Yes, she only wanted to lie in the sun. She relaxed a lot.
    Boy: Sounds like you’ve all had a great holiday!

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